How To Treat Drug Addiction At Home

As our bodies adapt to these new toxins, they will begin to make use of them in place of the natural composites that a healthy person will possess. This can lead to a complete dependency on the consumption of a particular substance and it’s one of the main reasons why addicts need to be weaned off, as opposed to going ‘cold-turkey’, because their bodies can react negatively (and sometimes fatally) to being restricted of the chemicals that they now require.

This is where addiction treatments, namely recovery, come into the fray. These therapies and treatments are tailored to ensure that:

  1. A) The patient is able to expel the toxins from their body in a healthy and effective manner

    B) To allow the patient’s body enough time to recover from the addiction, whilst relying on replacement formulas to aid in recovery and production of natural hormones and chemicals again

What will happen without proper treatment?

As the human body is forced to adapt to the influx of toxic chemicals, suddenly removing them will be the same as if a person was to immediately stop drinking water, or restrict their intake of food. Their body can struggle to operate, so they can experience a variety of side effects; from painful cramps, right up to cardiac arrest and everything in between.